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Small change big happiness

by Dhanjyoti Sanghvi

€ 30

raised so far. Fundraising target € 100






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Dear friends,

I am happy to share with you my campaign in support of Karuna-Shechen , a non-profit organization founded by Matthieu Ricard.

My idea is to communicate and empower you to spread happiness with what you have, plus In thanks for your donation, if you like; I will write a short poem or ode to you, just give a few pointers about yourself and I will tweet, direct message or email your poem!

. Support Karuna-Shechen, make a donation and offer a better future to people in need in India, Nepal, and Tibet. Thanks to you, they will be able to benefit from essential health services, access to education, professional training, organic vegetable gardens, and more...



Together, let's build a better world! Thank you so much for supporting my project.

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€ 20


danielle Randrianarisoa

€ 10

Un petit don que j'espère multiplié mille fois grâce aux autres en une intense et plus grande énergie positive en faveur de ceux qui souffrent plus que moi.Merci
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  • Dhanjyoti Sanghvi

    Team creator


    yay first donation received poem for the first donor

    Here is the poem for the first donor

    ''I contemplated the stars, looked like suspended dewdrops in the sky

    the same sparkle as the compassion in your eyes

     when the positive motivation in you sparked

    dear friend the dew from earth took flight 

    and permanently fixed itself in the sky 

    as hope that you had sent''


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Founded in 2000 by Matthieu Ricard, Karuna-Shechen advocates and acts for a more altruistic world.

Motivated by 'compassion in action', we support disadvantaged communities in northern India, Nepal and Tibet to break the cycle of poverty and reach their full potential.

We provide vulnerable people with health, education and training services, as well as access to water, solar electricity and other sustainable solutions to improve their livelihoods. 

On behalf of our beneficiaries and all of us at Karuna-Shechen, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

For more information: