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BreMo - To provide support to women to do breast self-check at home!

by Sweekrity Kanodia

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Why does this project mean a lot to you? Pass your commitment on to us!
BreMo is a social movement seeking to empower women to take care of their health. 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer globally. Early diagnosis is our best bet to increase chances of survival and that requires regularly checking our breasts. In developing countries like India, and Nepal, where healthcare is insufficient and inaccessible, self-check serves as a powerful tool for women. BreMo seeks to educate women about breast cancer and self-check. It is an Android app (in English, Nepali, and French and only available in France at the moment for an ongoing study) unlike any on the Google Play Store and Apple Appstore. It provides women with information about breast cancer, its symptoms, risk factors, prevention, and myths. More importantly, it allows women to self-check step-by-step with the app, and record any changes they observe very easily with our interface. Based on the symptoms selected, the app (with an inbuilt algorithm to avoid any data collection) provides women with feedback about their symptoms which can be visualized changing over time in a graphical manner. In the future, we hope to make BreMo, one one-stop solution for all women's needs. We are additionally developing some 3D breast models (including a DIY one) to aid in training breast self-check in schools, colleges, and hospitals. 

What is your goal?

Our goal is to develop this app further with feedback obtained from a study in France. Additionally, we would like to conduct a cluster trial - pre-, and post-study in Nepal to assess the change in the level of knowledge amongst Nepali women about breast cancer and self-check after using the BreMo. Any donations to this campaign will aid me in developing BreMo further, conducting this study, and finally launching BreMo worldwide.

Small donations (as little as 5euros or 500rps) will also be highly appreciated as the famous saying goes - "Boond boond bhare gagar, bane sagar" or "Little drops of water make the ocean". 

Something you would like to add? An anecdote to share?

“Let’s start looking at our breasts, for in this fight with breast cancer, they will be our “breasties”.”

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paule dezaille

€ 30

tres noble projet,cette année c'est dur mais ne lachez rien!
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