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 Matthieu Ricard has lived, studied and worked in the Himalayan regions for over forty   years. He co-founded the Karuna Shechen Association on the basis of an ideal of   "compassion in action", with the aim of acting against the inequalities and sufferings   he observed in this region of the world. Karuna Shechen's extensive knowledge and   experience has led to great success and has enabled poor people to access vital   services.

 He has written numerous essays and published books of photograpies. Under the   auspices of the Mind and Life Institute, he has been actively collaborating for the past   dozen years on several neuroscience research programs on the effects of mind   training and meditation at American and European universities. When not travelling,   Matthieu Ricard resides at Shechen Monastery in Nepal.


All copyright and profits from his activities are donated to Karuna-Shechen.

For more information on his life, publications or photographs, you can consult his website: