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Already 57 committed transmitters of altruism 
 € 4,131 collected!



«  When altruistic persons act together, they can generate tremendous power for good. (...) Everyone can mobilize in their own way and cultivate an altruistic state of mind to become a link in the immense chain of solidarity that transcends borders, castes, genders and religions."

~ Matthieu Ricard, founder of Karuna-Shechen


The concept

Karuna-Shechen advocates and acts for a more altruistic world. The Action For Karuna movement
unites all those who want to participate in this vision and share an altruistic mindset.

How to take part

Everyone can participate in their own way according to their creativity and talents: solidarity course, student initiative, sports challenge, teambuilding event...

COVID-19: If you are unable to organize an event in a physical location, transform your project to run it online! You can organize your workshop on Zoom, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Skype... use our manuals for guidance!

Any questions or advice? We are here to help you: contact us!


Solidarity week

From May 24 to 30, all projects come to life!
You can sign up for one of the pools organized by the project leaders,

or take part in the LIVE sessions offered voluntarily by the Karuna-Shechen ambassadors!
Program of the events coming soon... 


The project in Nepal we support

Since 2000, Karuna-Shechen has been active in Nepal, where we help isolated rural populations to improve their quality of life.

This year, the donations collected by Action For Karuna will be allocated
to an education project to 17 kindergarten classes (0 to 6 years old). 

This programme aims to transmit joy and the values of cooperation and sharing to the children.
In order to strengthen the learning tools, the programme is based on three main areas of intervention: the
renovation of infrastructures and the provision of equipment and games, the involvement of the community through teacher training and the raising of parents' awareness of caring education







What we've accomplished

Since 2018, the Action Fro Karuna movement of solidarity projects for the benefit of Karuna-Shechen brings together more than 100 project holders and 1,000 participants and donors. Together, these altruistic passerby build a huge chain of solidarity. Last year, for the 3rd edition, despite the sanitary crisis and the lockdown, solidarity was here. The funds raised were used to finance a solar electrification project for 600 homes in Nepal. 


You too, join Action for Karuna in 2021 

Put your altruism into action!

They support us


Any questions? We are at your disposal: 

€ 4,131

(and € 370 of pledges)

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