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You too, join the altruism movement in action!
Already 19 people committed and € 8,250 collected!

Put your energy and creativity in favor of 
Karuna's solidarity projects.


I start a fundraising 

Karuna-Shechen takes action and advocates for a more altruistic world.
Action For Karuna movement unites all those who want
to make a concrete commitment and share this state of mind.

 6th edition 
An event open
to everyone around 
the world

 From 8th to 14th of May 
One week to step into
action and advocate in favor of
a more altruistic world

 Solidary fundraisings 
Cooking lessons, yoga
classes, meditation, sports challenges, student initiatives...

 Donations for a project 
Your generosity contribues to 
food security in India and Nepal

 All united to share
Everyone develops an altruistic state of mind, of benevolence and cooperation 


Two ways to get involved

 1. Create a fundraising page

On your own or as a team, organize a solidarity iniative,
create a fund and gather your friends and family.

Already 454 peoples have launched a fundraising page and have put altruism into action. Together, they collected € 188,940.95 !


I create a fundraising page

 2. Support a fundraising page

Choose one of the 400 projects that resonates the most with your altruistic spirit.

Make a donation to support the project leader's commitment and share in social media, to expand the chain of altruism in action.


 I support a fundraising page

A piece of advice or a question?
We are here to accompany you:
write to us!

Since 2000, Karuna-Shechen has been active in India and Nepal 
where we help isolated rural populations break the cycle of extreme povrety. 

This year, all the donations collected during Action For Karuna will finance
our food security program which will accompany more than 70,000 people:
seeds for organic vegetable gardens, fruit trees, rainwater harvesting and drip irrigation systems...

The goal? Meet essential nutritional needs, promote environmentally friendly agriculture
and promote efficient water management.


I make a donation

€ 8,300

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