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Already 3 committed altruism passers 
 170 € collected!



«  When altruists come together, they can generate tremendous power for good. (...) Eeveryone can mobilize in their own way and cultivate an altruistic state of mind to become a link in the immense chain of solidarity that transcends borders, castes, genders and religions."

~ Matthieu Ricard, founder of Karuna-Shechen


The concept

Karuna-Shechen advocates and acts for a more altruistic world. The Action For Karuna movement
unites all those who want to participate in this vision and share an altruistic state of mind.

To participate

Eeveryone can participate in their own way according to their creativity and talents.
Alone or in a group, imagine a solidarity project, create a pool, collect donations, unite your loved ones
and share your altruistic state of mind.


The only limit is your creativity: solidarity course, student initiative,
sports challenge, teambuilding event...

Any questions or advice? We are here to accompany you: write to us!



The supported project in Nepal

Since 2000, Karuna-Shechen has been active in Nepal where we help
tens of thousands of people in remote rural areas to improve their quality of life. 


This year, the donations collected by Action For Karuna will be allocated to a project for the rural electrification by solar panels of 600 households in Nepal,
installed and maintained by women trained by the association.
A project that respects the environment and health, which reinforces the role of women in society.




How far we have come

In 2018 and 2019, Karuna-Shechen launched Yoga for Karuna. In 2019, it brought together more than 100 yoga teachers, 1,000 practitioners and about 20 partners arount solidarity yoga classes.
More than 50,000€ were collected for the development projects
of  Karuna-Shechen in India, the cradle of yoga.

In 2020, this event extends to multiple disciplines and the creativity of everyone,
in order to unite those who whish to participate in building a more altruistic world. 


Any questions? We are at your disposal: 

170 €

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