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Join the movement to support the humanitarian

projects of Karuna-Shechen in India! 

So far 86 teachers are offering yoga classes...
€ 24,544.80 collected!


"We live in an essentially interdependent world, where the fate of each being, of whatever kind, is intimately linked to that of all the others." ~ Matthieu Ricard, founder of Karuna-Shechen


 What is Yoga For Karuna? 

Founded by Matthieu Ricard, Karuna-Shechen leads humanitarian projects in India, the birthplace of yoga, and helps more than 235,000 people every year. To support them, the altruistic movement #YogaForKaruna brings together yoga lovers from around the world for three days, during which volunteer yoga teachers organize donation-based classes.

 Join a solidarity yoga class 

Take part in a yoga class by making a donation and do good while expressing your kindness towards the people in need supported by Karuna-Shechen in India. Choose a yoga class > Make a gift > Participate in the movement!

 Teachers, join the movement! 

Join the #YogaForKaruna movement now and offer a yoga class. You will receive an information packet to learn more.

 Yoga For Karuna's articles 

Karuna-Shechen and yoga combine their values and energies to bring altruism to life. Find out more about our approach, what connects us and the projects we support, through these 4 articles.

 Projects supported in India 

Since 2000, Karuna-Shechen has been operating in northern India and providing 235,000 vulnerable people with health, education and training services, as well as access to water, solar electricity and other sustainable solutions to improve the livelihoods of people in need. 



Last year, the 1st Yoga For Karuna was a real success with 100 teachers, 800 students  around the world, 18 partners and 30,000€ raised. This year, let's make it happen again!

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€ 24,544.80

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