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Do you wish to make altruism come alive, on your own or with others ?

Put your energy, creativity and talents to good use by organizing a solidarity course, a student initiative, a sports challenge... to benefit Karuna-Shechen projects!  

Altruism is a state of mind that requires practice. Unite your friends, family or colleagues around you commitment!
266 committed transmitters of altruism!

Steps for a successful solidarity project

« When altruistic persons act together, they can generate tremendous power for good. (...) Everyone can mobilize in their own way and cultivate an altruistic state of mind to become a link in the immense chain of solidarity that transcends borders, castes, genders and religions."  

Matthieu Ricard, founder of Karuna-Shechen


266 people have already set up a solidarity project.
Together, they have raised
73 495.95 € for Karuna-Shechen.

Learn about our transmitter's altruistic projects and get inspired


Paule Dezaille, participant of Yoga for Karuna 2018 and 2019, raised 1 685€: 
“At the end of my yoga classes, I quote the Dalai Lama or Matthieu Ricard, to raise awerness among my students - and me as well! - to altruism and compassion, qualities which we can cultivate for the well-being of others, as for our own fulfillment!”.


Nathalie and Véronique - combined their knowledge and motivation to organize a conference entitled: "Helping children and teenagers as they learn. Pathways to collective well-being".



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